A New dimension and reality for your Business.

“Our incorporation, in 2018, to S4 Insurance Solutions has provided the opportunity to offer the Extremaduran business sector the best and most professional insurance offer. We cover any eventuality in your different risks, both in Spain and Portugal, through our subsidiary. We cover any eventuality in your different risks, both in Spain and Portugal, through our subsidiary.

This business project makes us stronger. We can have the professionalism of the great human team that makes it up in its different specialized departments. “

Ricardo Cagigas (Delegado S4)


We have an expansion plan that is intended to invite insurance brokers and brokerages to join our team.

We guarantee ample benefits!

Join us

Our project is open to Brokers and Insurance Brokers with a business vision, who think it is necessary to change the current management model and develop a new business or improve the current one. An entire system designed to increase the capacity to offer their current and future customers, and to identify the relationship of trust that they have with them, through a LEADING ORGANISATION.

10 Reasons to Join S4

Be able to offer the best cover at the best price.

  • Market Prospecting and Analysis Plan.
  • Training Plan: greater capacity to carry out periodic training plans.
  • Activity and Business Plan: reducing costs and expenses (economies of scale).

Greater capacity to innovate and invest in technology. You will have at your disposal an agile and simple computer system to manage your business, providing dashboards that facilitate data analysis. You will have tools to provide a more immediate service to your customers:

Professional Intranet – Customer Intranet – Multitarifier
Communication system

Greater ability to attract customers thanks to marketing plans and commercial support that will enable you to gain more market share in your area of influence. Preparation of commercial action campaigns to make your business more visible.

We have created a service center that deals with all technical issues. For risk placement, claims management, strategic marketing, …

We have drawn up a Process Manual so that the whole organisation can work in the same way and in the same direction, making the most of your time. You will be supported by a structure and team that will enable you to provide an unbeatable service.

S4 international team will accompany clients in their operations abroad, providing customised solutions for each of them regardless of their size and characteristics, as well as advising foreign structures on their insurance needs in our country. The management of international insurance programmes covering 2 to 26 countries is a possibility that you will have at your fingertips, thanks to the experience we have acquired over our trajectory in designing specific programmes for this area.

At S4 we have proven procedures for correctly managing our clients’ risks in their companies and organisations. We have at your disposal a technical area of management and risk management specialists who not only guarantee the correct analysis of risks for their subsequent release in the market, but also the necessary diagnosis to prevent and minimize them, providing cost savings and a significant reduction of the loss rate in your portfolio.

We pay special attention to the legal aspects related to the insurance field, not only to be able to respond with rigour and speed to the legislative novelties that occur daily in the sector, but also so that you can have, at any time, a professional team qualified to advise on the most complex and demanding issues arising from insurance policy contracts in your activity, as well as the most appropriate way to approach the conditions to avoid problems between your clients and the insurance companies.

S4 assigns the economic rights of the portfolio in favour of each broker, of the contracts in which it intervenes. Therefore, the property generated corresponds to the broker and S4 waives any rights it may have over it.