Social Action: Responsible Company

At S4 we know that being responsibleis essential to competeand ensure the real solidity of the projects of any company in the long term. Therefore, we pay great attention to social action.

S4is very clear that responsibility goes beyond profitability.Therefore, we are committed to creating social value. Ourcore values made up our past, create our present, and will guide our future.

We strive as a company to be a good and responsible citizen. Our values govern the activity of S4, define ourCode of Ethics, our working methods and organization. In short, the culture of the company: OUR SOUL.

Promote solidarity projects and support non-profit entities. We want to contribute with this gesture of social action to give back to society a small part of what we receive from it. We actively cooperate to improve well-being in different social settings. In recent years we have also promoted this commitment to be extended to as many people as possible in a pleasant way and trying, with the utmost respect, to sensitize everyone around us to the importance of getting involved and collaborating. For this, we have organized charity concerts and solidarity galasin favor of the Food Bank, AECC, Galbán Association of Children with Cancer, Vigo against Cancer, Bicos de Papel or the Berce Social Initiative Association.

As collected Mrs. María Isidora Gómez Segade ( AECC Ourense President), “Solidarity is a commitment that transforms societies and must be part of the competitive strategy in any organization. S4 is a clear example of a solidary company and from the Spanish Association Against Cancer, our enormous gratitude for your commitment to society and, specifically, to the AECC in our province”.

For your consultation, we also show the Thank You Lettersent by Mrs. Gómez Segade after the Concert held in 2019.

Videos of the Christmas Solidarity Concerts held by S4:

Solidarity Company Awards: