Working in the Client’s Interests

We offer comprehensive advice on risk management and the design of insurance solutions. We are specialists in risk management and insurance. The mission of our team is to design the best solutions to contribute to the success of our clients, guaranteeing their assets and the continuity of their companies.

Our sector specialisation guarantees speed in dealing with the specific problems of each client, the ability to design tailor-made solutions and to provide cover for all types of insurance and risk consultancy. We design specific and exclusive insurance programmes for different risks and sectors of activity.

Catalogue of Services

  • Study of Coverage Needs
  • Lack of cover
  • Market Research
  • Insurance Solutions Realisation
  • Renewal Approach
  • Negotiating with Insurance Markets
  • Presentation of Offers and Reports
  • Contracting and/or Renewal of Insurance Policies
  • Administration and Management of Insurance Policies
  • Information on Regulatory Changes
  • Claims Management
  • Preparation of Claims Reports

International Programmes

In recent times the number of Spanish companies with economic interests outside our country has increased. The main objective of designing international programmes as an insurance solution is to provide security, stability and financial solvency through the control and determination of an appropriate insurance strategy.

Any company with a presence and risks in different countries that needs a comprehensive and flexible service has at its disposal the possibility of designing tailor-made international programmes with good advice and correct internal risk management operations.

S4‘s international team accompanies its clients in their delegations and operations abroad, wherever they may be, providing solutions for companies regardless of their size and characteristics. As well as advising foreign structures on their insurance needs in our country.

We are a team of highly qualified professionals, with experience gained in designing international programmes, within the reach of very few companies in the sector. Among which S4 stands out. We manage international insurance programmes, ranging from 2 to 26 countries.

Independence and objectivity in our daily work and knowledge of the market: that makes the difference.