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+1,500 people trust us with their essentials: Health, Life and Savings.

About us

S4 is a Spanish company dedicated to Insurance Brokerage and Risk Consulting, specialising in the advice and management of business and professional risks.

Our journey began in 1999 as an insurance agency, obtaining administrative accreditation to operate as an insurance broker (DGSFP J-2117) from the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds in 2002. Independent private capital, with no holdings or commercial links with banks or insurance companies, or industrial groups.

S4 has shareholdings in other companies:

  • García Bermello Correduría de Seguros, S.L.
  • Correduría de Seguros Sueiro, S.L.
  • S4 Soluciones Empresariales, S.L.: a company specialising in HR (Human Resources) and Social CONSULTANCY, as well as in Legal and Tax Affairs.

Being S4 is a passion for making a difference. It’s taking responsibility for helping people and organisations when they need it most. It’s about coordinating experience, talent and innovation.

We are aware that our business is a people business. That is why human potential is our greatest strength. We have a multidisciplinary technical structure, constantly updating its knowledge and specialising in different business areas, capable of analysing each case rigorously and always providing the right advice. We are a constantly growing group, comprising more than 40 professionals whose commitment is based on a vocation for service and commitment to the future.

We help our clients to create solutions in an increasingly changing and competitive environment. We think globally and act locally:

  • Developing a technical area of risk engineering
  • Developing a legal department: Corporate Compliance
  • Creating an international department (S4 is where its clients are)
  • Investing in an expansion strategy with the opening of branches
  • Investing in the continuous training of our team at all levels.
Each client has specific needs. That is why we are COMMITTED to treating and attending to them in a personalised manner.