Corporate Compliance and Internal Control

New legal developments impose on companies the need to implement measures and protocols (Corporate Compliance) that promote business ethics and minimise the possibility of committing offences in the course of their activities. For this reason, and in order to guarantee an efficient adoption of the requirements, we offer you our Legal Consulting service.

Criminal liability, which affects both the company itself and its managers and employees, can be limited through the adoption of adequate prevention policies and procedures to avoid undesirable conduct within the company.

The Corporate Compliance programme analyses the company’s overall position and articulates protective operations that reduce the risks – and their possible criminal consequences – to which the company is exposed. All this promotes its good image and enhances its reputation on a large scale. It also contributes to cost optimisation by establishing proactive and reactive dynamics of detection and prevention.

Our specialised Legal Advisory department will adapt and implement a transparent and effective compliance programme, adapted to the needs of each client, in accordance with the legislation in force. You can find more information at:

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