“At S4 we advise all our clients, paying special attention to their own and differential characteristics. Beyond offering them standardized and traditional products, we provide them with a service that includes custom solutions adapted to their real needs.

Our solutions

The success of companies depends to a large extent on making the right decisions. For this, it is essential to calculate all the variables to which they are exposed in each of their business areas, derived from the dynamics of a changing market that allows them to benefit from innumerable opportunities, but inevitably also from the new risks that this entails.

To help them in this objective and provide them with useful information, at S4 we have developed our own methodology, based on the continuous improvement of processes, which allows them to evolve as an organization. We have the best material means and the most adequate human resources in insurance brokerage, risk consulting and legal consulting to achieve this:

1. Risk Management: It allows us to identify, analyze and evaluate the risks to which a company is exposed. If it is the most appropriate for a company, we will transfer the risk that it bears to an insurance company. Risk Management and Engineering is an essential tool for every organization to have a guarantee of continuity in the market and obtain great competitive advantages.

2. Development and Management of the Insurance Program: At S4 we will analyze the insurance alternatives and the insurance program, proposing to our clients the one that best suits the coverage of their risks, especially studying the costs and insured guarantees, segmenting these when be necessary:

  • We will always present a well done insurance contract.
  • We will explain what each contract does and does not cover.
  • We will ensure that the insurance contracts remain fully effective during their validity.
  • We will keep all the account statements rigorously updated so that our clients can determine thecash-flow for the payment of premiums.

3. Claims Management: S4 will know how to rise to the occasion, assisting in the declaration and processing of the claim, claiming the compensation corresponding to each company from the insurance companies, giving them all the legal, expert and contractual assistance they need.

4. Study, Analysis and Recommendations of Industrial Safety: The insurance matter is not only reduced to the design of a good program, it also includes our participation in relation to safety. Let us remember that the risks to which the assets, activities and people of a company are exposed can be treated in different ways and can even be eliminated. The task of S4 is to contemplate recommendations so that all operations derived from an activity are as safe as possible.

5. Personnel Training and Insurance Management Manuals: Our team will be at the disposal of our clients to train and assist their personnel in the tasks required by the administration of the different areas of their Insurance Program.

6. Current Legislation on Insurance Matters: It is a question that many companies should consider. The legal is a factor sometimes little taken into account and other times, completely ignored, both due to ignorance and due to lack of correct advice. At S4, we advise and inform you about the applicable insurance regulations and the consequences of not attending them properly.