Risk management is the most effective and definitive instrument we have to anticipate and fight against risk.

Risk in the Company

Business risk is the threat that an event or action may negatively affect an organisation in its core function, which is to maximise its value for stakeholders and achieve its business goals.

The adequate protection of material, immaterial, human and financial resources is a mandatory task for all companies. At S4 we collaborate with your organisation to effectively manage your company’s risks: risk management.


• Define risk management policies

• Risk auditing:

  • Risk identification and analysis. Assessment questionnaires
  • Site visit and inspection
  • Claims history analysis

• Engineering services “Risk mitigation and control”:

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Quality control
  • Contingency plans
  • Means of rescue

• Audit of the insurance programme:

  • Analysis of needs and proposal for improvements
  • Coverage of risk and /or services. Suggestions.

• Alternative risk transfer

• Business continuity plans

• Preparation of risk maps

• Economic valuation in merger and acquisition processes